During our 2017 Little Moments luncheon, we presented Little SisterShacora, of Greensboro, with the Little of the Year Award. She was nominated by her Big Sister, Alyce Berryman. Shacora has grown so much since being matched with Alyce over 8 years ago. Shacora has gone from being unsure if she was going to graduate from high school to now having dreams of attending North Carolina A&T to become a forensic scientist. Her teachers at Twilight have encouraged her, along with her family and Alyce to achieve her highest potential. She is set to graduate in January and is so excited about her future now. Alyce has said that she has loved watching Shacora grow up and mature into a young woman. She said that when they first met she was a shy young girl that was afraid to ask questions, but now she is confident and speaks her mind. Shacora has recently taken a job in the maintenance department at Sam’s Club. She loves her job and her co-workers say that she is a joy to work with at the store. Shacora is kind, smart, and caring and definitely deserving of the designation of Little of the Year. Congratulations, Shoacora and keep working hard!