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Miranda (Little Sister) and Nadia (Big Sister). They are matched at KP and Miranda used to be very shy and had aggressive issues due to her parents being verbally and physically abusive to her. They lost custody and her aunt took legal custody of her two years ago. Despite living with her aunt, she still had trust issues and her aunt told me she had moments were she was aggressive and would not open up. Her aunt said they tried therapy and she was desperate because she did not see any improvement.  After being matched with Nadia, in just 3 short months, she stopped being aggressive and she made new friends, she is doing better in school and is not as shy. Nadia has helped her a lot because she connected very well with her and she always found ways for Miranda and her to talk, they did arts and crafts and colored until Miranda opened up to her. Her Big Sister was always available when we did the HPU trips, so Miranda could attend. Miranda loves her Big Sister and Nadia is also very happy with Miranda.