Shacora and Alyce have been matched for 8 years! Shacora said the best advice Alyce has ever given her has been to “apply to colleges early.” Shacora has experienced so many things that she would have never done had she not been matched at an early age. Shacora has gone on to cheer for the Pittsburgh Steelers as they played the Patriots. She said that her favorite things that she has done with Alyce while being matched are “going to the beach and going prom dress shopping.” Shacora has enjoyed her match so much that she said that any time she is with Alyce is the best time.

Alyce has watched Shacora grow up. Alyce has been able to help Shacora with her schoolwork, take her on outings, and encourage her to further her education after high school. Alyce sees Shacora regularly and they have forged an unbreakable bond that will be with each of them for many years to come.