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February Match Maker

Genesis and Maggie have been matched in our Site Based program since November 2014 and they have been growing their friendship every week since. Maggie visits Genesis at Oakview Elementary. When they are together, Genesis and Maggie always have a good time. Some of the activities they enjoy doing together are eating lunch together, playing board games, drawing, coloring and talking. Genesis stated with a big smile, “My Big sister Maggie has helped me improve my grades. I used to make C’s and D’s and now I am making A’s and B’s. I enjoy her friendship and she always makes me feel better, she is always encouraging and she is fun.”

Maggie was motivated to become a Big […]

February 1st, 2016|Big and Little Spotlight|

January Match Maker

Maggie and Olivia will have been matched in our Site Based program for a year in February.  Maggie sees Olivia at the Southside Boys & Girls Club every Wednesday.  They first always work on any homework Olivia might have.  After Olivia has snack, they then play Mancala, Connect Four or color.  One of their favorite activities is to play jump rope in the gym with some of the other Bigs and Littles that visit on Wednesdays.  Maggie says her favorite thing about Olivia is “her sweet personality” and Olivia describes Maggie as “nice and helpful”.  Olivia always greets Maggie with a huge smile and a hug and knows she will be back to see her the very next week.  […]

January 5th, 2016|Big and Little Spotlight|

December Match Maker

Aluel and Jordan have been matched since 2013 at Johnson Street Global Studies.  Aluel is an outgoing talkative fourth grader.  Jordan, who tends to be more quiet and reclusive, admits that Aluel is far more outgoing.  However, these two have formed a tight knit bond and can frequently be spotted at High Point University events sponsored by the Big Brothers Big Sisters Club.  Jordan is an officer in the club and helps coordinates these events.  Aluel has diabetes which is now controlled by her new insulin pump.  However, on their outings Jordan has to make sure Aluel is aware of what she is eating and how to calculate her carbohydrates.  Jordan said she doesn’t mind this added […]

December 1st, 2015|Big and Little Spotlight|

November Match Maker

Laura and Tiffany just celebrated their 2 year anniversary of being matched in our site based program.  They started out at Oakhill Elementary when Tiffany was in third grade hanging out in the library often just reading books.  Tiffany is educationally challenged and her social skills aren’t as developed as some of her peers – she is also an only child.  Laura would give Tiffany some extra special one on one attention that Tiffany thrived on.  In fourth grade, Tiffany transferred to Fairview Elementary, and Laura followed her there.  Tiffany was placed in a special EC class which better suited her needs.  Laura was still a constant in Tiffany’s life coming weekly for an hour to talk, […]

November 3rd, 2015|Big and Little Spotlight|

October Match Maker

Over five years ago, Kailin and her mother were new to the area and learned about our program. She  was a little unmotivated to do her best in school or engage in recreational activities.

Kailin and Heather met over 5 years ago.  The two have experienced great journeys and life experiences, together.  They had an instant connection and their friendship has grown. Kailin went from being unmotivated to do well, to inspiring others to do well, an elementary student riding the school bus, to a high school student, driving to school, putting in little effort to make good grades, to making excellent grades and receiving letter from several colleges. Kailin volunteers with Teens Taking Action and Top Teens of […]

October 8th, 2015|Big and Little Spotlight|

September Match Maker

At the age of 9, Keyshaun waited patiently for over a year to be matched with a Big Brother. He had a great Match for two years. They enjoyed hiking, going to the library, bike riding, and doing  homework. Keyshaun’s Big Brother accepted a job offer in another state, causing the match to be closed. They had developed such a wonderful relationship and his Big Brother invited one of his former co- workers to be a part of our program and step in when he moved.

In May 2014, Keyshaun was introduced to Ryan. They are both talented and athletic. Keyshaun recently began piano lessons. Ryan also played the piano at a young age, and helps him with his lessons. […]

September 1st, 2015|Big and Little Spotlight|

August Match Maker

Faith is a kind hearted, but shy 12 year old.  Hannah is an outgoing, fun loving junior at High Point University.  They were first matched in November 2013 in the Site Based program at Faith’s school.  They hit it off right away and Hannah was devastated when Faith moved to a school that was not a Big Brothers Big Sisters site.  When presented the opportunity to transition to our Community Based Program where they could have time together outside of school, Hannah jumped on the opportunity.  They were matched in the Community Based program in November 2014 and since then have enjoyed spending time on High Point University’s campus where they have painted canvases, watched movies, enjoyed […]

August 6th, 2015|Big and Little Spotlight|

July Match Maker

You have to go back to 2007 to reminisce about the initial match meeting between Stacey and Joey.  Yes, it was eight years ago in a comfortable living room setting that they met for the first time.  Stacey (lovingly referred to as Little Stacey) was a quiet, shy and serious video game player and Joey, a young adult wanting to positively impact a young boy’s life.  Mom wanted to get Stacey engaged with peers and her thoughts were that perhaps finding him a Big Brother would help in that endeavor.  Stacey and Joey spent weekends together throwing the football, attending family/church functions and grabbing a bite to eat – growing their friendship and trust with each passing […]

July 3rd, 2015|Big and Little Spotlight|

June Match Maker

Biking several miles at a local Greensboro park, stopping only long enough to cook hotdogs, is how Trenton likes to spend time with his Big Brother.  Getting out and expending energy during their Saturday afternoons together is one of the goals they are working toward this year.  Yet something else they like is creating/doing something with their hands and voila you have a birdhouse to hang in the tree outside your apartment window.  Trenton visits his birdhouse regularly to check for any new life living there.  Another goal of theirs is simply learning a new skill.

Trenton is a ten year old trying to get acclimated in a new city, a new school and with new friends after […]

June 8th, 2015|Big and Little Spotlight|

May Match Maker

October 2014, was the beginning of a great friendship between Precious and her Big Sister Amber. They see each other once a week at Erwin Montessori Elementary School.  PE, kickball, Math facts, and eating snack, are some of their favorite activities they love doing with each other. Precious stated “I love my Big Sister, because she encourages me to do good with my grades, teachers, and my friends. She is great!”

Amber is a Junior at North Carolina A&T State University. She enjoys helping her Little Sister with her EOG study guide and listening to her abut what she did and learned in school. Amber has been very supportive, assisting Precious with reading and brought cupcakes on her […]

May 11th, 2015|Big and Little Spotlight|