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April Match Makers

I first met Mike when he was starting kindergarten when I matched him with his first Big Brother, an HPU baseball player. Mike had severe anger issues, was aggressive, would not look at me or talk to me when I asked him questions. He was suspended multiple times in Kindergarten for disrupting the classroom, being disrespectful to teachers and classmates, even hitting classmates and teachers. This behavior continued throughout the next 4 years of school and he transferred to a different school almost every year because of his behavior.

However, there was something about Mike that I fell in love with. He is a smart, loving, athletic, and charming little guy with great leadership potential but was just […]

April 4th, 2014|Big and Little Spotlight|

March Match Makers

Dakin and Zoey first met at an elementary school on September 10, 2014, to be matched. Dakin, a HPU student, was previously matched but found out her Little would be attending school in another county. She had created such a bond with the teacher, it was decided to try to match her in the same class again.

Zoey is a sweet, shy ,second grade student who seemed to have it all together but needed some help in reading and building her confidence. Dakin’s outgoing personality was a perfect match for Zoey!

Since their match, Zoey has made great improvements and the entire class loves Dakin. She even brought Valentine’s Day treats for the class. Dakin’s influence impacts not only […]

March 5th, 2014|Big and Little Spotlight|

Featured Match Makers

When Gustavo first enrolled in Big Brothers Big Sisters, he was living in a home with his grandma and two younger sisters. His grandma reached out to Big Brothers Big Sisters looking for a male role model because she realized she just could not do it all. Eric came to Big Brothers Big Sisters because he realized many children lacked mentors and he felt that he could help. The two were matched and their love of sports helped them make an easy connection. Since then, they have attended various sporting events, played football in the yard, laser tag and so much more.

Gustavo has always been a good student, but his grandma wanted a Big who could help […]

February 10th, 2014|Big and Little Spotlight|

Featured Match Makers

Cathy and Naima first met in September, 2008 through Big Brothers Big Sisters. In the beginning it was all about building a friendship/trust, but now it’s about maintaining what they established five plus years ago. They spend time together every other week doing various activities in the community – visiting local parks, swimming, walking the dog and baking.

Naima was a young six year old being raised by her grandparents when our agency was suggested as a resource for the family. Being an older couple dealing with financial and health issues, her grandparents wanted someone special to come along beside Naima and provide positive influence. Neither of her parents has been able to care for their daughter as […]

January 16th, 2014|Big and Little Spotlight|

Terry and Shyreek

Terry and Shyreek have been a match since February 2011 through Big Brothers Big Sister–a United Way funded agency. They meet several times a month and do a variety of activities like going to the movies, monster truck rallies, trips to Barnes and Noble, air shows, Wet and Wild and so many more. Terry is willing to try most anything that Shyreek requests.

Terry and Shyreek’s mom work together as a team and she can go to Terry with any needs. Shyreek’s mother raves about Terry. She has described their relationship with a note saying “The best match EVER. Thanks A LOT. We could NOT ASK FOR ANYTHING BETTER.”

Shyreek is treated as a member of Terry’s family and […]

November 15th, 2013|Big and Little Spotlight|

Cherilyn and Tyeeria

Big Sister Cherilyn and Little Sister Tyeeria have been matched for two years now. They enjoy swimming, baking, and participating in agency match activities such as painting bowling pins for Bowl for Kids’ Sake.

In the two years that Cherilyn and Tyeeria have been matched, Tyeeria has really opened up and had the opportunity to do many new things like laser tag.

In April, Tyeeria is excited to be a junior bridesmaid in Cherilyn’s wedding. They are looking forward to the new adventures to come!

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October 18th, 2013|Big and Little Spotlight|