Israel’s quick smile lights up a room.  However, last year his Big Sister, Allison, didn’t see that smile very much.  She was, at times, discouraged and wondered if she was making a difference in Israel’s life.  There were times when he wouldn’t talk to her much and would almost ignore her.  Through coaching and encouragement, Allison began to teach Israel that she is in it for the long haul.  Israel became more responsive and began to talk more.  When he ran to her and hugged her as she entered the classroom, Allison knew she had made a break-through with him.  Now they laugh and giggle all the time as she helps him in class.    Allison was especially touched when she received a note from Israel’s mom thanking her for all the time she has spent with Israel and telling her that he now wants to go to High Point University.  This match highlights the fact that these long-lasting relationships take time to build.  Thanks Allison for taking that time!

-Match Support Specialist Laura Carlson